Friday, February 26, 2010

Brand New Perfect Red Lipstick from Milani Cosmetics

A brand new lipstick from Milani--it's not even on their NEW product list on their website yet! It's called Perfect Red Lipstick (not to be confused with their regular Color Perfect lipstick line that comes in an array of colors) and I purchased it at my local CVS for $5.49.

The lipstick is housed in this adorably chic gold and silver-detailed container, which definitely doesn't look like something you can pick up in a drugstore.

Milani's Perfect Red lipstick comes in only one red color, and it claims that it reacts with your body's pH level to create your perfect red.

Well--does it work? After swatching on my hand as well as using it on my lips, I didn't see much of a color difference than it was in the tube. Granted, this is a product that will supposedly work differently depending on the individual, so maybe it was already my perfect red color? The formula of the lipstick is extremely glossy, which makes it more wearable than a matte-type lipstick, but can pose some problems since it can easily smudge and smear, and will probably need touch-ups during the day.

I think this Milani lipstick is worth a try. I suggest purchasing it at a drugstore that has a great return policy on cosmetics, such as CVS. Have you seen this lipstick at your drugstore? Did you have different results than I did?

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